December 2, 2023

Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumours Revealed

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is set to get a new mainline game. Rockstar has officially announced the game, but the finer details have been kept under wraps. However, recent rumours have given us an idea of what GTA 6 will be. We know it will be released on the next-generation consoles, but we don’t know exactly what to expect.

Release date

According to a new leak, Rockstar is working on a new Grand Theft Auto game. The game is currently in early development and has been rumored to feature a female protagonist, called Kacey. She will be a smuggler, and will be the main protagonist in the game, according to a Reddit post. Ricardo is also rumored to be involved in the story.

Rockstar and Take-Two haven’t revealed an exact release date for the next GTA game, but some analysts have said that the game could be released in FY2024. Another report claims that the game was in development as of 2014, which is quite some time. The latest leak suggests a 2023 release date, but that should be taken with a grain of salt. While there is little official confirmation yet, the game has been rumored for years and is currently in production. Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two, recently announced a major increase in advertising spend. The company expects to spend almost $90 million on marketing by 2024.

While the next GTA game is still in development, it has been a year since the release of Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar confirmed the development of the game in February 2022, but hasn’t provided a release window. However, one popular leaker, Tom Henderson, has said the game could be out as early as 2024.

While Rockstar hasn’t said much about the new GTA game, the latest leaks have revealed new game scenarios and playable characters. The leaks also reveal new tasks, including new ones for players to complete, as well as new elements of the game. In addition, new scenarios have been revealed, including a futuristic setting, the return of Miami, and a massive overhaul of the game’s multiplayer mode. Additionally, a new female protagonist is rumored to make an appearance in the new GTA game.


The next Grand Theft Auto game is coming out on March 15. It’s a great game that was groundbreaking when it first came out, but with the new technologies, the game can be a lot more fun. For instance, you can expect dynamic weather, advanced NPC AI, and a bigger map. It will also have better textures, more advanced lighting, and faster loading times. But you’ll need a higher-end console to enjoy all that the game has to offer.

Luckily, Rockstar Games is not giving up on the series anytime soon. GTA 6 will be exclusive to the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. The PS5 is due to be released in the holiday season of 2020, while the Xbox Series X isn’t due until 2021.

A few years ago, rumors began to surface about a new GTA game. Some people believed that the new game would be released in 2024, but the game wasn’t actually released until 2023. While the release date hasn’t been confirmed, a few leaks have been surfacing lately. One, from Guy A. Fordt’s April Fools’ joke, received over 4 million views, while another rumor cited 2024 as the year of release.

Another leak claims the next GTA game will be set in a new locale. An insider report suggests that a new GTA game will feature Vice City, a fictional city based off Miami, Florida. The new game will allow players to control four protagonists in the game. Another rumor claims that the game will have a large map, similar to GTA San Andreas.

Another rumor is that the next GTA will be set in the modern world. While this isn’t entirely confirmed, there are some other interesting things to speculate about. One of these is that the protagonists will be cousins, and that the game will be set in modern times.


According to rumours, the story of the next Grand Theft Auto game could revolve around gentrification and creeping capitalism. It may also focus on the changing city that was a part of the franchise in the 1980s. And it could be set in 2022. However, a leak from prolific leaker Tom Henderson has suggested that the next Grand Theft Auto game will be set in a modern time.

One of the most intriguing details about the upcoming GTA game is that it will feature twins who are separated due to their parents’ deaths in 2003. The game will be set in a modern day Vice City and may feature multiple playable characters. It will also have a continuously evolving map.

It was previously rumored that Rockstar Games was already working on GTA 6 before Red Dead Redemption 2. However, the company was so focused on the next title that it didn’t reveal much about it. Luckily, the news has been confirmed by another leak on Reddit. The Reddit poster claimed that the game has been in development since 2015, but was held back by Red Dead Redemption 2. While there’s no official word, rumors are already rampant, and the game is almost certainly in development.

Another big news for GTA fans is the inclusion of a female protagonist. The story of the next GTA game will include a woman. The game will feature a story that will be based on Bonnie and Clyde. The game is due out in 2020.


The next GTA game is still in the works, and while there are no confirmed dates, speculation about the release of the next one is rampant. The graphics engine used by Rockstar Games is reportedly “ahead of its time.” In fact, the company has applied to patent a new graphics engine which aims to challenge the Unreal Engine, the current industry standard.

Rumors have circulated about the next game’s name, but we don’t know for sure yet. While many fans are hoping for a continuation of San Andreas or Vice City, others are anticipating a more expansive adventure. It’s even possible that the next game won’t be set in the U.S. but instead in a mock-up of London or some sprawling urban environment.

There are a few other rumours circulating around the web, but the latest is that GTA VI is “in development hell” and will take more time than initially thought. This is the first time Rockstar has halted production for a game and the chaos is causing the timeline to slip beyond the previously announced 2025 release window.

The next GTA game will be titled GTA 6. No release date has been set, but it’s possible that we’ll find out more about it in the coming months. A leak suggests that Rockstar is working on GTA 6 since early 2015, although the game hasn’t been officially announced.

One leak suggests that GTA 6 will take place in 2021, which confirms the rumors of years past. According to the video, the game will have a modern setting. This makes it easier to expand on in an online setting, and modern technology can be easily integrated into the game without the setting feeling out of place. Furthermore, GTA Vice City may make its way into GTA 6.


The next GTA game is expected to be released sometime in the next decade. According to rumours, the game will be set in a fictional version of Miami. The game will have a large map that covers three cities and could include the Kennedy Space Centre. This map will be constantly updated and will likely contain new cities and missions.

Currently, the game is in development and no firm release date has been set. Rockstar confirmed the development of GTA 6 on the day of the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. However, the studio has not given a specific date for the game. However, it has been speculated that a gameplay trailer may be released later this year. However, it’s tough to pinpoint an exact date because Rockstar is usually extremely careful to avoid leaks.


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